I just bought an Ibanez RG2550Z brand new off ebay and it came with DiMarzio Evos, in all 3 positions. I don't like the way the evos sound in the guitar and I already had a plan of getting the 2550Z and putting a Steve's Special and Air Norton in it. So my question is, what is a great single coil pickup (preferably from DiMarzio) that is a good companion to the Steve's Special (or D-Sonic) and Air Norton. I will be playing mostly shred stuff on this guitar and Dream Theater covers. The mainly it will be a DT/ Prog Metal/ High Gain shred guitar.

I am also planning on trying and maybe buying an RG1550M and a RG1570 as well. I would like some single coil suggestions for those two guitars as well. For the 1550M I am going to be putting in a Super Distortion and a PAF DP103 in it. And I will use it for Iron Maiden, Judas Priest songs and covers/original stuff in a NWOBHM, older Heavy Metal and Classic rock style on this baby. So I'd like a single coil that can match those two pups and do like David Gilmour and Stevie Ray Vaughan/Jimi Hendrix bluesy style exceptionally.

For the RG1570 I will be putting in a Tone Zone and a Humbucker from Hell to get an older Paul Gilbert an DT sound (I&W) as well as some 80s shred/hard rock and some lower gain noodling stuff compaired to say the RG2550Z I currently have.

I have picked out a few single coils already for each but don't really know how they will sound in the middle position flying solo or running with the other humbuckers.

Those pups are:

RG2550Z: DiMarzio YJM(HS-4)

RG1570: DiMarzio HS-2, HS-3

RG1550M: DiMarzio Area '61, '67

Thanks for any input or suggestions.
bump, does anyone have a sc pup suggestion or comment on what the ones i picked out sound like/stack up against the humbuckers im gonna choose?
not sure about others but Paul uses Dimarzio FS-1 for many of his guitars and he uses an Area 67' in his new Fireman. He also uses stock ibanez singlecoils for some of his guitars.
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Ok but what sc pups will stack up with the dimarzo buckers im going to by. I mean the SS/Norton will be high gainy like DT and shred stuff, so what SC will flow with the pups in the 2nd and 4th position? In the SD/PAF set up what pup will be great for a SC sound lke Gilmour solos and SRV/Hendrix blues sound. And for the TZ/HH what SC will be well suited for those two (Prog/80s Hard Rock/Blues Rock, so something heavier/higher output than the SD/PAF SC).
does it have to be dimarzio? Can you buy lets say boutique?

and what amp do you have...

if it has to be dimarzio heres my experience with dimarzio single coils

I've liked the blue velvet that i have installed and the area 67. The blue vevlet is one of dimarzios "true" single coils, so it gets really chimy and and twangy in the split position.
not a fan of the yjm. i have one in my rg1570, and its extremely low output. only time it sounds good is when split.

one that surprised me in the single position is a fast track. i have one in my pgm and it sounds really twangy. not a "true" single coil, but the no hum is nice and so is the high output. If you dont really need the true single coil sound, its a nice little guy

you're planning on getting three rg's?
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What kind of amp do you have? Just out of curiousity...
Because it may be better to only get one rg, and get a new amp instead...
also maiden, hendrix, SRV and gilmour use strats, so maybe a strat would do better?
I donno, three rgs just seems a bit strange to me
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Well because I like the prestige necks and heel joints and I want a few different pick up types/options. The single coils don't have to be dimarzio, but I know how dimarzios tend to be really good and go well with ibanez guitars. Why not a strat? because I'll eventually buy strats when I get out of college. As for amps I have a peavey vypyr for practice and a Peavey JSX. I'll probably get a Carvin V3 & a Mesa Boogie Mark V within the next two years though. I use my JSX for marshall like tones and the V3 will be modded to be somewhat of a recto and the mark v, well it will be pure awesomeness.
Oh i see. So you have a JSX right now?

Nothing wrong with Dimarzios, just if you have some money to spend there are some boutique choices.

For a texas blues type sound, Rio Grande pick ups sound really really really nice.

A lot of UGer's on here like BareKnuckle pickups. I've personally never used them so i cant comment on them. Here is their site http://www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk/products.html. they have sound clips too(but sound clips of pickups is to be taken with a spoonful of salt).

The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop also has some nice pickups
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Im going to recommend getting the new amp before a second guitar, it will have a more dramatic impact on tone... then get the guitars and pickups later
But if you really want three rgs now, then I agree with the above post
Look at SD's as alternative to dimarzio to, it might be a good contrast with the other dimarzio equipped guitars
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I'll take that into consideration and I will also be looking into the barenuckle pups, but I kinda looked back through the pup choices and dropped the HS pups. For the SD/PAF set up I'm probably going to get either that Rio pup, an Area 67, Area 61 or some kind of SD. So basicially I'd like to know what the difference is between the two Areas in terms of tone, the 61 has more output but the 67 has more scooped EQ curve. For the TZ/HH I'm leaning towards a Chopper or Virtual Solo/ Red or Blue Velvet or a Fast Track or Pro Track. Which of those would be more geared to like a Paul Gilbert, 80s shred tone? And which would be better for a more modern shred/90s shred tone matched with the SS/AN set up? And there is nothing wrong with my amp asides from some higher gain hiss, it sounds like a marshall somewhat and I kinda like.
if youre playing shred, dont get a single coil at all. since you can only fit a single coil in that middle position, i suggest just getting a stacked humbucker.
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Can't really help there anymore. Gave my thoughts on the pickups i played above. I'll usually just use my neck pickup for leads...
and It comes down to preferences and other peoples experience with them. Just keep researching and asking people. The folks over at BareKnuckle did some pretty nice sound clips with the parameters explained, but again take sound clips with a big grain of salt
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Im not saying there is anything wrong with the amp, im just saying having two amps and one guitar gives a much wider range of tones then two guitars one amp, especially if they are both rgs...
Sorry I cant help much with specifics on dimarzios, havent had a lot of experience
And like mexican shred says, in the end it is all peoples personal preference
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Ok I see what you are saying. Well I'm going to keep looking and I thank all of you guys for your input and help.