Hey everyone, this is a new song I wrote on Christmas Day, I really can't give you a genre, I was thinking pop punk for a couple parts, then it gets technical halfway through the song, maybe just a less technical experimental song?

I don't know, you tell me.

Hour Of Lead.gp4
Hour Of Lead.mid

Yes, poop.
Critting as I go along

Bars 1-4: Nice progression here. Like the little harmonic minor at the end. Btw, try not to pan extremes but almost extreme. Like never go -8 or +8 but -7,-6 or +7, +6. Applies to real-life recording too.

Bars 5-8: Ooh, I like that "harmony" you used with the panned guitars. I think it's called counterpoint or something but anyways, it's original. I use it a lot too! Btw might wanna add a puny fill at the end of bar 8 on the drums. Transitions better.

9-16: Very nice. I must say, this is incredible music you're making here. Nice drums too. I like the simplicity of your center guitar.

17-20: Nice stuff again. Weird (in the best possible sense) syncopation used. I like it. Had to heard it twice of thrice to make sense of it, but that's a good thing. Nice drums again.

21-28: Stripped it down. Nice control on tension and release.

29-44: Nice solo note choices. I don't know if you did it on purpose but every fourth bar, you play an Emaj (E-B-G#) and on top of it, you emphasize the note G. Emaj is not in the Amin scale but in A Harmonic Minor (Amin has G, not G#). So yeah, it sounds kind of off when you do that. But if you want it to stay that way, sure. Also, i'd pan the rhythms left and right with two guitars. And put the solo in the middle. That's how most people do it.

45-56: I really like your soft backing solo thing you have in this verse. Real nice. About here I'm really starting to miss the presence of a bass guitar. Bar 56 needs a fill longer than two eighth notes. The transition from clean to distortion is a big one so I'd pry use half of a bar for a fill.

57-80: Nice use of dual leads. Again, the lack of a bass is painfully obvious here but I assume you're going to add it later so I'll stop saying it. Very nice part basically.

81-103 : Woah, unexpected. Very major, dorian/ionian sounding. A bit more on the cheesy side of those modes. Wait.. hahaha, dude you've managed to make a complex sounding form of pop punk! I'm amazed how easily you incorporated the sweeps into the mix. I admit it sounds odd to hear but kudos for originality. You might want to increase the amount of bars used for the tempo change from 2 to 3 or 4. Might sound smoother.

104-108 : 3/8 bar sounds odd. Btw in the drums, instead of using the bass and two toms, try bass, low tom and snare. or bass and two low toms.

109-114 : Very upbeat, a bit too upbeat for me but I usually listen to pretty dark stuff so I suppose I'll ignore that. It got a bit annoying (note my musical taste is geared more towards sad music) that you were hitting all the downbeats. Might wanna vary it a bit.

115-118 : Thrash influenced in anyway? Or just pop punk on speed? Either way, its original. Btw, hitting the same cymbal on every beat got repetitive. Spice it up a bit in some bars.

119-122 : Interesting use of "harmonies" again. Though using the two bar lead for four bars might not fit so well since your first bar was based on Fmaj and your second on A#maj. Thus when you apply the Fmaj on Cmaj, it sounds... odd. Might wanna change it a bit?

123-126 : Ah, more of those counterpoint thingys. I'm starting to think you really hate those traditional harmonies, haha. Anyways, sounds pretty good.

127-End: Hmm bar 127 seems like it should've been some sort of transition, but it really isn't. Not only do you have a transition in terms of intensity (two leads, counterpoint, distortion to simple rhythms and mellow guitars) but also a scale change. Your harmonies and the preceding section in general were in A#maj and the soft part is in Aharmmin. So you might wanna work on that transition.

The song is pretty nice, really unique. Genre I'd say is progressive pop punk. As weird as that sounds. And it's pop punk I can like a bit, which is... weird, but in a good way. A bass guitar would really help and hmm, that's all I can think of right now. It was a bit too major for me but as I said, my taste revolves around melancholy.

Anyways, c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1250593