About 5 minutes ago, I was playing my Epiphone SG Special through my Roland Cube 30X, on the Dyna Amp lead channel.
It sounds extremely odd, and I noticed I accidentally had my Boss DS-1 on.
Do the two signals interfere, making the odd sound it was making?
I also just tried the same thing on the Stack Classic channel, and it also makes this weird sound. Of course it only happens when you have the gain up on the Stack channel (which means there's an OD and a distortion coming from the amp)

I'm just interested in how (if at all) these signals mix together and come out sounding weird.
Oh I didn't do it on purpose, it was an accident. I turn it on and start playing, and I just go "Wtf?" Then I noticed the pedal was on.
IMO I actually like the DS-1's sound