Carmel made a Merry Christmas thread, but I feel a thread is needed to brag about what we all got (or in some cases whine about what we didn't get) on Christmas Day. So go ahead! Even if you had a happy Hannukkah instead of a Merry Christmas, share what you got!

Well.... I recieved:
- Peavey 75W Amp
- Batman: Arkham Asylum
- Phineas & Ferb Season 1
- New Shoes

Edit: I sooooo searchbarred
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Happy birthday

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there is already such a thread
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I got aids

when god gives you aids make lemonaids
i got pants and a calendar of guitars that ill never be able to afford
phineas and ferb is badass, im jealous
i got an assload of cash and little netbook thing for school (and of course N64 games)
oh yeah and this awesome neon KISS clock
I'm getting a juicer...
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