Hey everybody,

I've been looking around for some time for a new pedal and now I'm wondering if it is better to buy a multi-effect pedal like the Boss ME-70 than buying seperate pedals.

If I'd buy loose pedals, I'll end up with an overdrive, distortion, reverb, delay, phaser, flanger, wah-wah, etc. (yea, like every sort of pedal around) if I'd buy seperate pedals.

It might sound like a stupid question to some people and this kind of threat must have been made millions of times, but I really don't know anything about that stuff.

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I had a Vox Tonelab LE for a few months, but it lost out to my board. Yes, stuff like that gives you tons of options, but you're probably not going to use all of them anyway and, when compared to good stand alone pedals, they sound pretty weak. Not bad, but just not nearly as good as the originals.

Maybe things have changed in the past year but I doubt it...

But then again, buying the pedals individually will cost a lot more money, and until you have a good amp you might benefit from the amp modelers in a thing like the tonelab, anyway.
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well, it depends what MFX unit you're looking at. The only MFX units I'd reccomend over individual pedals are the TC Electronics ones, but they aren't cheap, so unless you're ok with a rack setup or can find a used nova system at a good price, I'd stick with the individual pedals.
Line 6 M9/M13? They're the best multi-effects around in my opinion. They're more expensive than most other multi-effects though, but well worth it compared to how much you'd spend on all that they have built into them. Their models are a lot better than most modelers.
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As I said, if I'd buy a MFX then I'd go for something like the ME-70. I just want like everything to be in there+having a really good sound.

I'm willing to spend a maximum 300 euro's (300 Euros = 431.94 US Dollars) for a MFX and 150 euro's for a pedal (150 Euros = 215.97 US Dollars). I just pull those number out of my sleeve, but it's like based on my skill, other gear and income.
Line 6 M9 is $400 USD new. If I were you, that's what I'd go for. It's one of the best sound multi-effects I've heard. I know you said you'd want to get an ME-70, but everything still will be right there with the M9.
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The effects in the Digitech RP series pedals aren’t bad, and get progressively better in the more expensive models. If you don’t need to use the amp modeling, the Digitechs are worth trying.
I'd say pedals if you care about your overall tone and versatility and the quality of the effects themselves.
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My ex bassist bought the Boss bass multifx board, and he nore I have any idea how to use it, he even read the manual... I had an easier time programming my G major and midi controller...lol

That being said, I say pedals, because they are way less confusing and they generally sound better.
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