im in need of A: better tone and B: a better quality amp (i have a Line 6 spider 3 15) so i found this whilst searching musiciansfriend for some ideas and the reviews are pretty good, and it looks fairly nice. i know its only 5 watts but i play mostly in my bedroom and i do some recording neither of which require overly loud amps. the guitar i have is TBA, im getting a new one this week. anyways im just looking for some advice, and some reviews with this little half stack. my budget is like 250-300$ CDN. thanks!
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It's still really loud when cranked into distortion, so it won't solve the volume problem.

I like mine, but I would honestly have rather saved the money and gotten a deluxe reverb or twin or something with a better clean tone, since the OD on the Epi is nothing to write home about.
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What about the Epiphone Valve Sr., they're fairly cheap and have full EQ.
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where can i buy one of them GA5's? and ive never seen the valve sr advertised. unless your being sarcastic in which case i now look like a douche :P
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if i were to change the tubes (12AX7 and EL84) could i put in different style tubes? like take out the EL84 and put in an EL34? and i dont know anything bout tubes, so it would be much appreciated if someone could fill me in on tubes.
half asians rule!