So I recently got a Tascam audio interface (this thingy), and am having a couple noobish problems, so I present thee with a couple questions!

Firstly, is it a bad idea to use effects pedals with interfaces? I tried Guitar > EHX Big Muff > Interface, and it just sounded bad and nothing like it's meant to, or how it normally would when put through an amp. I'm not even joking when I say my MG actually wins by miles compared to my fuzz-into-interface attempts, so yeah, i'm guessing pedals (distortion related ones at least) are a bad idea. Or am I doing it wrong in some other way (not just by owning an MG?)

I've found a bunch of VST distortion plugins that'll do for now, though. I'd just like to be able to use my pedals

Secondly, when recording stuff clean, there's a noticeable crackle/clicking sound in the background, and i'm not really sure why. here's a quick little recording showing what I mean. With distortion it's not really a problem, but with anything else it's just a pain. The manual suggests changing the latency, but all latency settings seem to make no difference. It also seems the volume of the noise goes up with the volume of the guitar, and the noise is there for both playback and recording...

So i r teh confuzzled. Any ideas?
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Im not sure about the first one, but then again i only ever use a whammy and a wah with my line6 UX2, the crackling will stop with use of a limiter, your signal level is too "hot" (loud), or as tascam said your computer cant cope and you need to lower the Buffers, or number of Buffers.

EDIT: after listening to the sound clip again its definatly clipping due to latency, what are your pc's specs?
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3ghz dualcore, about 4gb of RAM (though I heard windows XP only lets you use 1.75 gig or so?), sound card might be getting old actually. It was a fairly decent one about 5 years ago, haha. You think that's it?
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Yarrr, i've read those. Just unsure if it's a complete no-no to use pedals (as well as my noise problem).