hey, im thinking of getting a Big muff, as im really into J Mascis's (dinosaur Jr) tone, and and wanting a nice fat distorted sound with plenty of sustain much like his, which of the current big muffs would be closest to his sound?

ive been tinking the tone wicker seems pretty nice and versatile and is around hte price i wanna spend (£60), with the wicker off does it sound more like a USA muff or a little big muff?
i already have a keeley Blues driver thats great for bluesey boosts/OD and i made a fuzz face close, but it just doesnt sound that great for lead playing, more for a fuzzy noise on chords and lower strings

i have vouchers for Andertons music shop, anyone have any sugestions for anything from there worth looking at in terms of fuzz? or another pedal yo think it might be worth looking at?

i play mostly blues and alt rock (bet you never heard that before...) and particularly like Radiohead, Brand New, Dinosaur Jr, Coheed and Cambria, Stevie ray Vaughan, BB King, Joe Bonnamassa, incubus.

my main guitar now is a fender jazzmaster, and at home i have a Vox AC30CC1, and at uni i have a blackstar HT5 btw

cheers for any help
Well, you could just get a Big Muff. Not to put too fine of a point on it or anything.

Or try Officially Liscenced Circuits. I always recommend www.olcircuits.com, like some sort of non-paid Tom Hess. They design pedals to sound like a Big Muff, or even to sound like certain amps. Write them an email and tell them what you're after. They're honest guys - if they don't have exactly what you want, they'll tell you. It'll cost a little more than 60 pounds (probably 90-100), but I assure you it's worth it. They picked one out for me, and even tweaked the design to be more appropriate for my rig without even upcharging me.
The little big muff is slightly darker than the Pi. The sovtek muff has more mids, it's more creamy, and less gain than the pi. The tone wicker is based on the Little big Muff, and I think the Tone Wicker adds more mids. So I'd go with the Big Muff Pi. I have one and love it. It does Jack White tones awesome, and can get Dinosaur Jr tones. It sounds awesome with an OD in front of it, or driving your amp already. You can get some rediculously original sounds.
i ended up getting the big muff with tone wicker, it seemed a lot more versatile, and i loved the tones i got out of it, but, i have a question

is it useable with a boss style 9V adapter? i have a multi power supply i use for all my pedals, but cant work out if its the same grounding