I just got a new Eden WTX-500 bass head. The cab I'm using is an old Kustom III 115 B. The only information I could find on it, is that it's rated for 150 watts. So that may be my whole problem. My cousin said it would be ok to play through as long as I kept the volume low. Which is one problem with me.... I love loud. Right now, my tone while playing high up the fretboard is thin and weak, and if I EQ it to where it sounds ok, then my low notes almost blow the speaker...

So I'm hoping that my problem is just the cab. And can anyone recommend me a cab around $700-800?


EDIT: I wouldn't mind spending less.

Is this any good?
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The MAG cabs are pretty decent but if you want to really push your budget go for something like this Ampeg. At 4 ohms you'll be getting the full 500 watts out of your Eden head as well.
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How would the Ashdown be in terms of loudness and tone?
You can call me Aaron.

Out on parole, any more instances of plum text and I get put back in...
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How would the Ashdown be in terms of loudness and tone?

The Ashdown is a 450W cab at 8 ohms so it doesn't match up with your head that great. I'm not sure if it will just plain not work or just lower the output you'll be getting from the head, I'll let someone else answer that.
I dunno if this helps but my bass playing buddy just bought a new speaker cabinet (Avatar 212 staggered) trying to upgrade on speaker size and power load. He was running like 600W into a 200W 210 cab, but said that his 210 lacks bassiness. He told me getting 12" speakers would get his low end sounding chunkier, while retaining his upper notes. I'd look at something with at least 12" speakers in it. (while also getting closer to your wattage)
look used. SWR is a really good choice, it is highly similar to Eden, and will help retain the trademark clarity.
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12's are where it's at as far as i'm concerned. Good low end but they keep clarity better than 15's. I also highly recommend the avatar idea. best bang for your buck with 12's. If carvin offered 12's i'd recommend them too, so if you really don't like 12's for some reason look into www.carvin.com
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You should look at Eden's budget line, Eden Nemesis as well.
They still got that classic Eden sound, but are way cheaper.
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If you have room for it, Carvin 8x10
or if not, Carvin 4x10
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