so i recently bought a Behringer 12 channel mixer, I also bought some drum mics, and M-audio fast track interface. with pro tools. (im fairly new to this)

I want to record my drums, by putting the drum mics into the mixer, into the interface. However the Main output on the mixer has a Left and a Right channel (which i assume is common) , but the M-audio interface only has a normal 1/4 input jack. how can i hook the two (L and R) outputs into the M-audio interface PROPERLY

thanks sooo much! me and my buddy want to record a cd
so is it possible to get something to put the left out and right out into one input on the fast track, because i tried plugging guitar cable from the right in and it works but then nothing is going from the left output on the mixer into the fast track
hey im kinda wondering the same thing bc i recently got pro tools. btw- i have the fast track interface too- are you running speakers out of it?
traditionally the left channel is the mono channel. then just make it stereo in protools.
thanks alot.. so to recap it
my seven drum mics into my mixer. the Left output on the mixer into the Fast track usb interface, just leave the right on empty.. and make sure i record as a 'stereo' track
No, that won't work. You're not going to get stereo with only one output from the mixer. I'd have to see the interface to know if it's possible, but I'm pretty sure it's not. You need a two-channel interface for that.
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You can mix down all the drums on your mixer and record the output in mono with your interface.


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