so, all the Thin Lizzy threads are deserted and I donÄt want to wait months for an answer, so here it is.

I've been getting into them the last months and I really love Dancing In The Moonlight, especially the live versions. Coming to the point, how much live footage does actually exist? I donÄt mean bootlegs, but there are a lot of concerts or parts of concerts on youtube, labelled Live and Dangerous. I've got the Live and dangerous CD but there are some different versions out there.

Also, I have that album Peel Sessions flying around here. Does anybody know what that is? It seems to be a re-recording, but neither do I know who is featured on that, nor when it got released.

Any information is great appreciated

disclaimer: I tried wikipedia and the official website, plus I did searchbar for the thin lizzy and then came to the conclusion to post here.
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