so lately I've started to really enjoy my fender blues deluxe (I cursed it for months). However, even with a few overdrive pedals, the amp still isn't getting as much gain as I want, especially for hi-gain solos. I really can't blame the amp, its not exactly made for metal. Anyways, now, instead of looking to replace the amp, I'm looking for something to compliment it with. Something I can A/B with and use the fender for cleans/blues and another amp for crunch/leads. Right now, Budget is somewhere around $800. If i Can convince my parents, the budget could be as high as $1000. Preferred wattage is under 100, I really don't need something thats 120+ watts. What is everybody's thoughts on the new Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo. Price is perfect, sound is what I'm looking for (High gain lead sounds, no particular artist/genre of metal), has effects loop. Before I buy one tho, I want to see if there is anything else in the price range that might suit my needs better. thanks


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