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I've been arguing with myself on where to blow the money that i got from Christmas. I'm stuck as to what will bring a better tonal change, im running a ltd h-207 with some real muddy but liveable duncan designed pickups. which were modeled after the jb and jazz (which i have in my schecter) and there is a crazy amount of tonal differences. i understand that even though the woods are different, ash and maho, i think that the tone differences should be more subtle. for my seven string I'm thinking on either replacing one of the pickups with either an actual seymour duncan or a dactivator to breath life into the guitar again. costing maybe $100, but less likely because i don't know how to change pickups.


do i go with an effects pedal and blare out the muddiness with a distortion pedal, i play shred, mathcore, to rock so i want that "chug" sound and still retain the clarity, my Roland cube just wont do it in terms of heaviness although it fares well in the shred clarity. recommend me a good pedal, pretty much a noob to knowing good pedals from bad.

please help!
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Pickups. Modeling amps and distortion pedals don't mix. A distortion pedal would probably make the muddiness worse.
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new pick ups.... and changing pickups is easier than you think...
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Save your money and buy a new amp.


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