This effects pedal has caught my eye, but I've got a few questions to anyone who owns one of these:

1. From what I understand, this pedal drops your guitar an octave or two. I know you aren't supposed to plug a bass into a guitar amp due to the low frequency screwing things up... I play out of a small 30 watt Fender amp and am most certainly not willing to risk blowing it out. Will this pedal end up doing more damage than it's worth?

2. I've read reviews saying the pedal is slightly unwieldy and inconsistent; is that to say if I were to play the same thing over and over again with the effect engaged my tone will be all over the place?

I guess it's pretty obvious I've never dealt with octave pedals before

Thanks ahead of time.
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1. I think the blue box would be ok because its a mix of the wet tone (with the effect) and your dry tone (without the effect) and your dry tone would be the main tone being heard the octave effect more of a background think to make the mixed tone more interesting. however someone can probably explain this better or come up with a more accurate answer.

2. Octave pedals get confused if you hit more than 1 note. So if you play 2 strings at once sometimes it just gets confused and switches between octaving one note or the other so its sounds kinda like the effect is jumping between to different pitches, it depends on which string is being picked up more, or has the strong signal. If you were to play a chord it would just sound bad... unless thats what your into...lol

Anyways theres probably people with more knowledge on the blue box, i just figured id share what i generally know.
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