Hi UG,
I need some help with a decision. I am torn between getting a new PRS Mike Mushok Baritone guitar, or a morpheus droptune pedal. I love practicing all kinds of styles of music, and recently I've been getting into In Flames, Breaking Benjamin, and itching to jam to other music with low tunings.

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Reasons for considering Morpheus Pedal: It is the cheaper of the options, and if the pedal works out well I would actually consider selling the Schecter. I could use the Les Paul for anything drop D and lower coupled with the morpheus droptune. I really feel a bit guilty getting yet another guitar, and because I'm definitely still a learning player it would be nice to limit the number of guitars I am switching between. Plus, the demos I have listened to dont seem to color the tone much at all with this pedal (although I know some will disagree, it doesnt really standout much to me).


Reasons for considering the PRS: It will be the best tone option without introducing a new pedal, everyone loves getting a new guitar, and I have played one of these before I even knew I was looking for one and I fell in love with the feel of the neck. I had no idea what the guitar at the time was but remembered it being one of the nicest feeling guitars I have ever played. Adding this guitar to my collection (even though I always say this), I really dont think I would need another instrument as this pretty much would cover everything I could possibly want to play. (Amps are another story).

What do you guys think? Thanks for the help

P.S., budget is not really an issue. I would prefer to not spend $650 on a new guitar, but the truth is I am fortunate enough to be able to afford it without issues or sacrificing savings and bills.
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I think you should get the guitar. The pedal sounds worse and worse for each half step you go down on the pedal. Plus, the baritone is sweet!

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I admit, my ears arent as trained as they could be as I have only been playing seriously for ~3 years. A good friend of mine who has been playing for 20+ years thought the pedal sounded a bit "warbly" as it went lower and lower as well.
Yeah, by the time you get to a drop Bb (Breaking Benjamin, In flames tuning), the guitar is going to sound fake.

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Guitar all the way. Especially if you like the feel of it. You may just find a new favorite guitar, who knows?
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Baritone, fo'sho. The thing I've noticed with pitch shifters (any of them) is that they sound like a synth's bending wheel. In other words, they sound like ass.
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yeah, guitar for sure if you think it'll improve your playing, the playability is always more important than tone!
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get the prs man, they work with any music style, i mean the stock pickups in those are great and they play really well
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Get the guitar. No matter how good the Morpheus sounds it can’t give you the rich tones that you get from the heavy baritone strings stretched out on that long scale. And look around at Guitar Center stores for the Schecter Blackjack C-1 EX, I got one last week new for $399. Given I shop at the Manhattan mega GC which has alternate universe pricing on a lot of stuff, but worth looking into.
Wow, quite the unanimous decision from UG! Sounds like I will be getting myself a new guitar! In my gut thats where I was leaning, but I still have a bit of guilt owning what will be my 5th guitar. Plus my wife thinks I have lost my mind.

I will check out that Schecter this week when I get a chance.....but that PRS really struck me when I played it. The Schecter also has a slightly shorter scale I believe.