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Mesa/Boogie cab
20 80%
Marshall 1960a
5 20%
Voters: 25.
lol, i got the exact opposite response from a buddy of mine.. i'm gonna go ahead and think about it though... which i could put them side by side and just find out which one i like better.
i agree, i should.. but because of circumstances i cant try them both.. kinda have to just go on what you guys have to say, also please if you played the marshall 1960 cab, then specify your experience, dont just bunch all marshall cabs together. this is a specific cab, alot of people are into.
Find out what speakers are in the Mesa, the picture is too small to tell and I'm not familiar with that label

Either way, the Mesa will be built much better, it might not looks as good... but for $200, if the speakers are stock, it will destroy the Marshall.
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I have a 1960 AV (V30 speakers) and tbh, it's a great cab for rock, but it's not what you want. It's not tight, not articulate, not compressed. Get the mesa if you want a tight cab for metal. Or even better: get an Orange PPC 412.
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ENGL makes awesome cabs. Check them too. Durable and great sound
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I have the Marshall and I think it's alright. I mainly play metal and I don't really like Celestion G12t-75s so I'd say go for the Mesa.
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i'm buying used. if i happen across a nice orange or engl cab for my price range i'll be sure to buy that... lol

the speakers in the mesa are not stock.. i think someone said they looked like 75's i know they are celestions.

thank you all, especially those of you who own one of them and gave your input. i think i'm going to still go with the mesa. at any rate i could always happen across another 1960 cab, i dont see this as often.. thanks guys, i'm gonna leave the poll up for awhile though to see where it goes.
MESA!!! best cabs you can find!!!
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if it was a rectfier cab i would say the mesa, Therre is nothing wrong with a marshall 1960a/b. I love mine, much better the the 1960av i had prior.
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so earlier today i went out and picked up the mesa, i'm BLOWN AWAY! its the best sounding cab on the planet! lol

thanks guys. also i should note, the speakers in it now are celestion 75's and the guy i bought it from made a back for the top half since it was half open half closed back.. i tried it both ways and i found the for me its best with the full closed back.
Edit: Nevermind, lol. Happy new cab day!
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