Hi I own the ESP Crying Star used by the guitarist SYU of Galneryus & Spinalcord.


In this video from 3:01 onward you can see the model of the guitar i have used by him.

Now my question is, does the strap you use to hold the guitar while standing effect wether or not the neck dips? I know the guitar might be slightly top heavy because of its makeup.. but the fact that he plays so perfectly in all of his lives I dont thinkt thats the case.

I have never seen him have an issue on stage playing the cying star but when i put it on while standing the neck sort of dips and it makes it difficult to play =(

I think that the strap i have is just either slippery or idk.

I hope someone can help me out =)
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Maybe the things the strap hooks onto are placed differently on your guitar?

Maybe the wood in your guitar is lighter then his on the body?

Maybe he's doing what V players do and place a part of the guitar against your leg so it stays there instead of dipping down because there neck heavy?

Could be anything.
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The strap can make a difference, depending on what it's made of, and also what material your shirt is (that you'd be wearing when playing), but if they guitar is really top heavy, then a strap will only slightly stop of from dipping down. Try out a bunch of straps, see what's comfortable for you
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All of the guitars Syu has available for purchase are exactly like the ones he uses live with the acception of the Crying Star Rebel which i think he actually changed up alot but i dont has that one =P

Yah i did switch the hooks and i have a dimarzio strap that snaps in but i wil try out some diferent ones and see what works =3 Thanks your all helping alot ^^ i will be sure to message back when i have a new strap to try =3

Hito <3
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I agree that leather straps, especially those that have the rough side against your body, are better in terms of keeping weird guitars in place.
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