I'm a complete noob at modding pedals, but I'd like to change the LED in my TS9 to be a brighter colored one, possibly a blue or white one. I'd like to know what materials I would need, where to get them, and how to go about changing the LED.

Thanks in advance!
soldering iron, a new LED, and a new resistor.. (edit: you can probably find them all at radioshack)

if you open up the back of your pedal and carefully take out the guts, it should be pretty obvious where the LED and current limiting resistor is in there..

just de-solder those, and solder in the new components
Alright well which soldering iron to buy I can probably find out, but what kind of LED and resistor would I want to buy?
if you want it brighter just lower the current limiting resistor.

led: doesn't matter. superbright draws less current but blinds you every time you look in its general direction.

resistor: 1/4 watt carbon film, 5% tolerance. 1k to 1.5k ohms should do it unless you get a superbright. i think 16k is used for those. dont quote me on that.