I received a Boss DS-1 from my wife for Christmas, I don't really like the stock Vypyr distortion, I find it much too warm and bassy, good for stuff like AC/DC or later Metallica but I find the DS-1 is a lot better for 80's Metallica/Megadeth stuff.

Anyway, with the pedal on I am getting some hiss through the amp, of course. I know the Vypyr has a built in noise gate, but it clearly sucks. I am looking at picking up a Boss NS-2, but I don't know that this will actually alleviate my problem or not? Another option is the Behringer NR100 but I hear this may not be too good and better to buy the Boss (or ISP if I want to spend even more).

After picking up one of these I'll probably save for a bit and pick up a better amp.
well there are many kinds of pedals for many kinds of hiss. Ive had some really bad noise gates that just ate tone regardless of threshold. Best course of action, imho, is buying several, testing for the one that best suits your needs and returning the rest. A guitar reshielding could also help.
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Hmm, I love the distortion on the Vypyr, you just have to tweak it a little bit to get the right sound.

If you don't know if it will help, go somewhere and try it. Make sure you get the same Vypyr, DS-1, and guitar to make sure it's right for you, that's all I can say.
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Not sure, I have been messing with the Vypyr for a couple months, even with the tubescreamer active I still find it too warm. It's probably my guitar (Ibanez RG with V7/V8 combo).