Me and a good friend started to record some demos of our songs, let me know what you think! Thanks C4C as always!

http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/gibbyhibbies/ (only song on there )
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Hey, thanks for the critique !

Yeah I liked it, but I don't know well this genre of music, so..

I liked the lead guitar and vocal fitting well together. The guitar work is cool, but the intro reminded me of something I heard before but it's not something important

The quiet middle part is pretty cool, with all the sound effects!

The ending is good too

anyway thanks for the critique
Thanks for the crit dude.

I love those clean guitar tones in the intro and unlike a lot of songs put up for critique on here, I really do think the singer can sing. It all sounds Pretty professional for a demo too. The only criticism I could give it is that I don't really like the style of music so I wouldn't listen to it in my spare time or anything but I can't fault the playing, songwriting or production. All looking good. 8.5/10
That's actually a nice, easygoing summery sort of track you've got going there. The left hand guitar sounds a bit too 'quacky' but the vox and everything else are good and the overall mix works well.

Put the bass up in the mix and you'll have a nice, full-sounding demo.
Right now I can't lay my figure of who this reminds me of, which is kind of vexing ... oh yeah JET !!!!! and in some ways radiohead ...not the overall song just certain chord and note progressions
It's a pretty good mix, but it teases you that there's some sort of gain filled other side too it ... but maybe that's just me projecting onto the song, either way I like it and like the guy above said adding a more prominent bass would only add to it overall

by the here's mine