now i know theres alot of hate for the Dean but it is DEFINATLY an upgrade from my strat copy also for 150$ it wasnt that bad of a deal it plays pretty nicely, compared to the strat copy XD

And i know people dont like the look but personally i LOVE it (: its my new baby
I don't think it looks bad... Except for the huge ass headstock. That's what keeps me away from Dean.
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Wish it had 24 frets as opposed to 22.
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Oh yes I know. I checked one of these out not too long ago, the only thing that tore me from not buying one is that it doesn't have 24 frets.. and the stock pickups for low-end Deans plain suck :\ If I end up buying another cheap backup kind of guitar it'd be a Dean Razorback like this
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