Sometime during the next month, I'm going to be ordering a new guitar, most likely from Musician's Friend.
So my question is this...
I have been set on getting a Schecter Damien-7 for a little over two months now, up until today.
I was informed that a PRS SE Custom 24 would only run me $500 USD.

Specs for Damien:
-Arched Basswood body
-24 XJ frets
-EMG HZ set
-Rosewood fretboard
-Bolt-on rock maple neck
-Awesome bat inlays
-26 - 1/2" scale
-$450 USD

-Mahogany body
-Maple top, flamed maple veneer
-24 frets
-Maple neck glued into body
-Rosewood fretboard
-PRS tremolo bridge
-$500 USD
-PRS Treble/Basss pickups

I know it's odd comparing a 7-string to a 6-string, but I'm wondering now which one I should get.
I would have gotten the 7-string for the added low B, for my heavier-metal stuff.
I do a lot of drop tunings, occasionally all the way down to drop A (Reason for looking into a 7 string)
I play mostly metal. Heavy distortions, drop tunings, etc.
I currently use an Epiphone SG Special as my main guitar.. Not exactly the greatest.
I also sometimes use my Ibanez AGS73B Semi-hollow, for the less heavy stuff.

I just want a nice solid reliable guitar that's decent for metal, but is versatile enough for cleans and soloing.
These two guitars are definitely my choices, unless you would suggest something different.
I'd say budget is between $400 and $500 USD.

Running through:
Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal
Roland Cube 30X
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