Hey, im sure im not the only one who is tired of power chords and simple bar chords...

itt recommend new chords to improv when im playing with my friend.

I play blues, rock and i feel like power chords are to simple.

Also in this thread if you want to learn some new good/fun chords then post your style of music and someone will reply with an answer.

Sorry if its been done before.
I don't know if it is just me, but I am having a hard time understanding this post.. lol
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Try playing root position triads up and down the neck. Here's a major, minor, diminished and augmented A triads.

learn 7 chords as in G7, E7 etc, good in blues
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Quote by BlakeAlan
I don't know if it is just me, but I am having a hard time understanding this post.. lol

Thats probably because i didnt think it out haha.

In this thread we can recommend each other new chords that are more complex and fun to play.

basically I need some new chords to play while im jamming with my friend.

Yes, im to lazy to look them up on my own haha.
I would recommend learning chord formation a long with learning new chords so you can know what you are doing and put together new unique voices of each chord. Especially if you are playing some jazzy blues type stuff. A note added or taken away here or there can really spice up the way the rhythm compliments the entire piece.
So... Jeff Lynne is still making music.. all is well.

Check out my Ebook!: Yogi Jam!
Well one big thing to know is even with distortion you dont just have to play three strings. Or if you do, change it up. Instead of a G power chord, play


It has a different root and sounds really good with distortion. Or turn down your distortion and play some full chords. You can really spice up the tone of full chords a lot better.
The problem with overdrive is that it makes thirds sound rougher (to me, at least). In addition to being easy to play, I figure we gravitate toward "power chords" due to the relative purity of the fifth.
If your friend's playing 1-5 try playing 3-7 along with him.

Think how y'all can voice 'em.
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I love powerchords. It takes so much more imagination to make powerchords sound fresh and interesting than it does a chord no one hears very often - not that there's anything wrong with rare chords, I love them too.
Use the Hendrix chord (7#9). If you use it in the right situation, it can sound very cool.
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I suggest learning all your major scales and then learn how to create triads, quads, 7ths etc etc etc. Once you learn how to create triads and 7ths in time the rest just falls into place,
oh and learn every note on the fretboard if you haven't already.

Don't rush.

Oh on another note learn your major and minor diotonic chord sequences, this will help you create harmony.
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There's little point in learning crazy chords if you can't make interesting progression with standard triads and 7ths. Go on Musictheory.net and look up the lessons on progressions, cadences and inversions.