drugs are bad dont do them So anywho the title pretty much says it all. whats your favorite bands or styles of music to listen to on your drug (or drugs) of choice. In my opinion (Besides ecstasy in which case trance music is the best especially deadmau5) my favorite bands to listen to on anything from being stoned to trippin on acid or even just drinking is The beatles, the doors, and pink floyd. they're the best haha nothing even comes close, besides maybe orbital, bob marley, and infected mushroom...
I think The Searchbars have a couple of good songs.
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anything you like you peice of shit

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Between the Buried and Me's Colors album
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Led Zeppelin
Devin Townsend
Animals as Leaders

and random trippy music i find on youtube
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Almost anything by Animal Collective.

Stereotypical, I know, but "Feels" is just an experience.

Also, "Sunshower" by Jupiter One, and "Geogaddi" by Boards of Canada.
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Almost anything by Animal Collective.

Stereotypical, I know, but "Feels" is just an experience.

First time on acid went driving through Hollywood with a couple friends, listening to Dark Side of the Moon. It was awesome.
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The Flaming Lips' version of The Dark Side of the Moon

Oh and this.

I've seen it get flamed, bashed, and called a disgrace, but by god, that is one of the greatest cover albums in existence.

Now, if only I could find a way to remove Henry Rollins from it....
Depends on the drug.
E - Rave muzak i.e. Hardcore, hardstyle, trance etc.
Pot - something chill, floyd, marley
Acid - whatever =D
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On caps, I love upbeat music in general- anything getting blood flowing. However, I've found that soft, warm-sounding music sounds like magic on e all the same.

Stoned, I find much more perspective in all types of music. Hip hop sounds great, as with metal, acoustic rock, and pretty much anything that doesn't annoy you.
Autobahn - Kraftwerk

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i love just about anything along with weed.

Flaming Lips are great to listen to.
Umm.... Cause = Time by Broken Social Scene was amazing when mental_zer0 played it one time
Bend Over Bethoven by !!! is amazing. mental loved it. but !!! has a lot of good stoner songs
my friends really enjoyed We Used to Vacation by Cold War Kids when i played it once.

^thats all while your stoned

but for the process of getting stoned i like to listen to some good ass hip-hop as well

Del The Funky Homosapien
Mos Def

^nothing makes you feel more gangsta than blastin some del while smokin a j.

these are just personal preferences though. feel free to experiment with your own music, or maybe go to the drug thread.