okay, so whats the deal with behringer, i mean we all know that something that cheap cannot be good. BUT in their demo videos, they dont sounds half bad. What are your views on behringer, are they worth mucking around with when you have a spare bit of cash or a waste of money all together? the saying does go "you get what you pay for" so is that the case with these too?

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are you considering upgrading? because no, it wouldn't be an upgrade

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Quote by metal-punk-boy
i mean we all know that something that cheap cannot be good.

That isn't even remotely true.

But anyway. They are truly not good. I own one and can't get a good tone out of it to save my life. The main appeal of the one I own is they have ALOT of effects built in, as well as a tuner. I still want to keep mine though, Just in case something horrible happens and I need to call upon it again. It gets the job done.


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TBH I haven't had real experience with them, but I've heard horror stories about high failure rates and very poor longevity. I also know they advertise peak wattage, which can be almost double the RMS wattage (which is what you'll consistently get), and just based on that I won't trust the company at all. I've also heard that Behringer customer service is a nightmare if something does go wrong, although I have no first-hand experience to confirm or deny that.
they're nothing special, they just get the job done period, minimizing costs in production however they can. though that becomes a backlash often with their stompboxes and multi/fx pedals and amps. there's definitely worse out there though.
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I have the behringer RV600, a verbzilla clone. I like it much better because it only eats 30ma and works with my ibanez adapter. Very nice reverbs, especially the SPACE reverb.... can do nice U2 shimmers.
i was just looking at things like tuners, compressors, noise suppressors, Equalizers, all that kinda stuff. i mean they arent significant effects like distortion and all that but still is it worth it? also keep in mind that i hardly actually use the line 6 head for its dirty channel, i only use the clean for my boss

-Jackson RR3
-Jackson DXMG
-Line 6 Spider 3 HD75
-Bugera 4x12 Slanted Cabinet
-Boss NS-2
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Pedals... sound nice, built like $2 plastic toys.
Some of their newer pedals are built sturdier though.
yeh there are a couple $20 which look sturdy

-Jackson RR3
-Jackson DXMG
-Line 6 Spider 3 HD75
-Bugera 4x12 Slanted Cabinet
-Boss NS-2
Danelectro Fish And Chips 7 Band EQ
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The plastic ones are not. Take it from someone whose distortion/overdrive pedal died mid-song in a competition. The bigger, metal ones are better, but the little plastic ones that look kinda like BOSS pedals are not. And I don't just mean the plastic, one of the pots in it died, the knobs fell off, and I was not rough with it at all.
I'm a semi-Behringer defender. I've had a practice bass amp of theirs for around 4 years now and it has not failed me at all. I got it at an educational discount for $170 AUD (it's just a BX300 for anyone interested). I actually gig with a Behringer bass stack (it doesn't belong to me it's just borrowed) but it does just fine for the price that was paid for it.
I feel that like alot of the stuff around here that is generally disapproved of the negatives are exaggurated more than a little, but it's one of those things; "you get what you pay for". Just don't expect any tonal miracles out of it. Behringer DOES have a warranty and replaces any faulty equipment like any other brand.
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A demo video is like any other recording. They have alot of studio tricks they can use to make it sound good. May sound like crap coming out of the amp but add on a pile of studio EQ, compression etc and it sounds good.

Behringer has a well deserved bad reputation. They are going to use the cheapest parts assembled in the cheapest fashion. They did have a pretty high fail rate for a long time. And they are really bad about selling amps that are vastly overrated in power. And their amps do tend to fail alot. Usually AFTER the warranty period so doesnt really matter how good their customer service is.

They also made the bugera line of amps which had alot of reliability issues early on due to money saving short cuts during production. Apparently they have resolved SOME of these problems. They still use the cheapest tubes which should be replaced before powering up the amp. And they apparently still dont bother to do a proper bias job.

If you want to try em have at it. The 20$ for a poorly built pedal that you will want to upgrade in a short time is much better spent on a better pedal to begin with.
their pedals are decent...but are built like crap. I've never had a problem with reliability, but if you gig a lot, I could see them breaking. Some can be a bit noisy...and suck tone a bit (but not anymore than the pedals they are cloning IMO).

their rack effects, PA equipment, mixers, and equalizers are great IMO.

i don't mind their bass stuff either. My brother has one of their bass amps...and for what he paid, I don't think you can do any better (which is the way it is with a lot of Behringer stuff).
The fuzz can get nasty (which i like) The VD is an anaolg delay thats a clone of a dm3, The Vintage Time Machine is a DMM clone, The RV600 is equal to the line 6 verbzila, there big muff clone is quality and the TS clones pretty nice.
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My behringer amp isn't too bad honestly, can get quite a decent tone out of it, and it sure was cheap.
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Any manufactured item is the result of a design compromise or very expensive. Behringer seem to work on a philosophy of design something with the highest specs possible and produce it and sell it as cheaply as possible. They save money by using the cheapest components where possible and by limited quality control so you might get a good one or you might get the last one made on Friday. this would be acceptable if their after sales was good but it isn't. It is like flying with Ryan Air, it'll be cheap but watch out for the small print and expect to pay extras in the form of repair bills. If anything goes wrong don't expect a lot of help, you haven't paid for it in the ticket price and it isn't provided.