I'm debating whether or not to get the Cube 30x or the Vypyr Tube 60.

I like the 30x cause it has the power squeezer and that is good when I play in my trailor (i mainly play at night so it has to sound good quiet). I love the effects that are built in also.

On the other hand i've seen videos of the Vypvr tube 60 and its just one kick ass amp. I also love the effects built in to it (altho it seems like they threw alot of effets into a small houseing and it looks kind of confusing to get around).

I mainly play metal-ish stuff.

I have a BC Rich Warbeast with Stock pickups.

So if someone could help me in choosing the right amp that would be very appreciated.
I see you're definitely going between the Roland and the Vyper ^.^ that's good, I'm glad you listened to our advice. Like I told you previously, you can pull out great distortions/overdrives and a very nice clean channel + acoustic simulator from the Roland. The Vyper is a good modeling amp that'll give you a wide variety of tones, I'm sure you'd be very happy with either one. Since you're playing in your trailer though, you really don't need 60 watts, and even 30 watts is a lot, but the Roland has the power squeezer which you already have experience with.

Just go down to your local GC or any guitar shop and see if they have either that you can check out (you know what to expect from the 30X so you should really try to see if you can test out the Vyper) and then just choose for yourself: Which sounds better to you?

OH and if you're going to go try them out, make sure you either bring your personal guitar with you so you know EXACTLY what your sound will be, or you grab a guitar similar to your's so you know around what your sound is gonna be.
Yea i will definatly have to do that

It will ultimately boil down to which one had better distortion. which ever one is better then thats the one that i'll get.

Its seems that if i get the Vypyr I won't have t buy another amp ever, but if u get the 30x I might have to buy another one later on down the line.
There's really not even a contest between those two amps... The Vypyr stomps all over the Cube

Solid state amps sound worse when they're turned up, I don't get why Roland and Vox insist on putting those power squeezer things on their amps, with a SS amp, a volume knob is more than sufficient.
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It'll all come down to personal preference. Whatever you end up liking, you'll get. When you have the right amp, you'll know it.. That's how I felt when I played through the Cube 30x the first time, and I just had to get one for Christmas. I personally love it.