After successfully completing an overly accurate paintjob on my frankenstrat last year

i have decided to do another project of the same caliber...
but with a guitar that i would actually play/use
a tele...
so i went out and bought a cheapy one
but i cannot decide on paint scheme and what to do with the pickguard...

My first option is the Black and Yellow scheme

with black tone knobs and the silver switch control cover and upper pickup blacked out...
I can't decide between a full black pickguard or half (cut parellel to the high E string but a few cm to the right of it (if that makes any sense)


the classic Red, White and Black (which wouldnt be stretch considering ive already done it)

(the only picture i could find that was comparable)

with black pick guard full or hacked in half (opinions?) with white tone knobs and id probably keep it silver and if i can find a 1971 quater ill get drilled on there..

so question comes down to.... what do you think would look better..

Black or Red?

Full, Half or off completely?

Thanks opinions, comments are overly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!