When you guys play standing up, how low do you have your guitar?

With mine, the bridge pickup is about crotch level. It's a bit difficult, though, compared to playing sitting down. Should I position my left hand different somehow (ie thumb over neck)? Or do I just need to practice more?

:EDIT: I wrote "neck pickup" when I meant "bridge pickup" haha.
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A little higher than waist level with the neck pointing as high as it will stay up without falling back to parallel to ground position.
Don't do thumb over neck unless you really need it, there are other ways.
Check out MAB's standing guitar position on YouTube.
bridge pickup crotch level, but I have a short torso. Left hand is the same or about the same. Practicing standing up will help of course.
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Get it up high.........it may not look cool, but you'll have a much easier time playing.
Yeah dude when its up high it is waaay easier to play
Morello does it
So it must do something
Usually when I play sitting down I wear my strap, so my guitar is the same whether I'm sitting or standing.
i can never play standing up
its uncomfortable and i always seem to be scraping the strings instead of strumming
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I just realized that I wrote I played with the neck pickup at crotch level when I meant to say bridge pickup.

Who's MAB? I tried searching for his/her guide on YouTube but I couldn't find it.
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Just put it wherever's comfortable. I typically have it so my belt buckle would be about where the trem cavity is. Neck is angled slightly upwards. Thumb is wrapped somewhat round then neck for most things.

You can put the guitar higher up if you want, and there's nothing wrong with it other than possible aesthetic concerns. But it's not always better than having it lower - I'm far more comfortable with my guitar lower rather than up in Erkle land. Just do whatever works for you.
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