So, I just started listening to Elizabeth and the Catapult and I love them. I know they're not jazz, but the singer apparently draws heavily from jazz influences such as Ella Fitzergerald, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughn. I don't really know who any of those people are, btw; that's just copy/pasted from Wikipedia.

But, so, my question is: if I wanted to start listening to more jazz, what would I listen to? Would the above mentioned people be a good start? What are some good songs by whomever?

If it helps, the stuff I normally listen to, excluding EatC, include Tool, A Perfect Circle, Muse, The Flaming Lips, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and MGMT.
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Well, interestingly, we were the first radio station in the world to play ‘Taller Children’; we’ve championed E&tC for the last 3 years or so, & Elizabeth promised us a track off the new album. Turns out we got the title track/lead single but, much to my shame, I wasn’t that struck by it on first couple of listens. We played it, nonetheless, partly because of the fuss I’d made about obtaining it pre-show recording that particular week, & also because we would have been the first radio show/station to play it anywhere in’t world, like. Not to play it would have been churlish.

On the show I expressed an opinion that I thought Elizabeth had done batter & her voice wasn’t being stretched by this ‘new direction’ i.e. aping the French swinging ’60s’ vibe (think early Cardigans, current The Bird & The Bee, etc.). However, when I received the album & heard it context it grew on me rapidly & I believe I apologised for my stupidity on air a week or so later.
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