That arent always with me, always with you :P
Like, ive been playing for a few years now, now i want to evolve my technique.
Anybody know a good song LIKE always with me, its not 100% slow, 100% fast, or 99.9% on a $10,000 tone.
Just something thats got some fast licks, some slow parts, and some killer fillers.

Schecter Damien special. ♥
Pod X3 Live. ♥
^^^, One winning combination.
Neil Zaza - I'm alright

But there's not that much legato stuff in it. Still a great song to learn, play and listen to

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Any song with an Allan Holdsworth solo, his legato approach is slightly different than what you're probably used to but it sounds smoother.

Though if you don't like "outside" playing, he's not ideal.