Sorry, intro only for now, and not even the whole intro. The guitar I'm using is way too crappy to go any further with the song (i'll explain further down). I plan to cover the whole song when I get some better gear.

I used extremely cheap gear for this.

-Peavey Rage 158
-$99 Gibson Baldwin signature guitar (by far the crappiest guitar I've ever played)
-cheap dynamic mic from Radioshack.

I actually had to Auto-Tune a bit of the lead because the guitar has no saddles to adjust intonation, and it's about a half-step off at the 12th fret. how retarded is that. That's why I can't do the rest, any sort of barre chord towards the middle of the neck and up sounds awful and out of tune because of the intonation.

Backing track is from Rock Band.

Like I said, I plan to do the whole song (or actually half of it since the backing track stops right before the accordion(?) part) once I get some better gear.

Song in profile.
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Amazing, dude. Flawless... and you did it with shit gear. Kinda makes me feel like a shit player now. I honestly can't find much wrong with it, great job.