Ive been playing bass for bout 5 years. Self taught so im always weeding out any bad habbits ive picked up along the way.

However, as my playing has started to progress to a more funk based area. I have to do alot of the common octave fills. No idea the official name.

Anyway ive played them for years, but with funk, its more based on the deeper notes on the 1st and 3rd frets than ive ever previously played. Problem is, when doing the octave disco styled run. Ive found its causing pain (lookin from the inside view of my arm/hand) in the left bone part of the wrist where the joint is too the thumb. It only happens when playing towards the top. So im guessin it must be my thumb position. I dont have the longest of fingers, so its quite a stretch for me to play up there. How do you guys position your thumbs and wrist up the top of the neck. Has anyone had any similar issues?
This is more of a "guitar technique" thread.

But when it comes to thumb placement in the top of the neck area(I'm assuming you mean around like the 1st fret, if not, w/e). When playing octaves there I've got my thumb behind the neck, if I play them like:
It is hard to say without actually seeing you play. My question would be about how low/high you position your guitar. Wrist pain can sometimes be caused when your guitar is too low. It puts your wrist in an awkward position.
If your wrist is bent back while your are playing it will give you carpal tunnel. Any position you use that makes your wrist even slightly bent back is unhealthy.

You want your wrist either completely flat at the back or curved toward the inside of your wrist. You won't hurt yourself if your wrist is curved inward.

Thumb position is not taught as proper technique usually because it gives that unhealthy backwards curve in your wrist. Consider making up for it with your other fingers and keeping your thumb at the back of the neck.

Yes i know it ill be more difficult but you can do it

Edit: I realized now that I may have misunderstood you. Are you playing with your thumb behind the neck? You didn't really make it 100% clear.

Classical guitar technique and the healthiest technique is to pretty much play with your neck as high as possible. Close to as high as your shoulder. definately not higher than the shoulder though hahaha

I am fortunate enough to have double jointed thumbs that make easy 90 degree angles. I was taught however to make a C with your middle finger and your thumb.

I hope this helped in someway even if i misunderstood you
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Quote by mrlee192
How do you guys position your thumbs and wrist up the top of the neck. Has anyone had any similar issues?

Do you mean that your thumb is at the top of the neck? Because you shouldn't be doing this.

If you mean that the notes are at the top of the neck then you really need to have the same hand position as everywhere else- only more stretched out.