just got myself a vox time machine, awesome pedal and seeing as there is no reviews on UG i`ll write one soon


this pedal completes the set until the 2 new ones come out in 2010

there`s other stuff on my pedal board also

this was not a xmas gift........just buying something for ME for a change
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Nice. Let me guess, u a vox fan HNPD
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very cool NPD. how is the time machine? and what are these two new pedals that are coming out?

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Awesomeness! I got to see Freddy Demarco demo this a while back at Sweetwater's Gearfest and it sounded phenomenal! Great choice!
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as far as i`m aware from what i saw on Joe`s pedal board at the london chickenfoot gig there was a prototype octave pedal, so hopefully that`ll come out just after winter NAMM (around Feb i reckon).

"wrapped up two new pedal designs with Vox yesterday, they should be out by next March, or, June.... now, got to start warming up for the Vegas gig!... didn't see the football match, but they should do it over... Joe"

^ thats him posting on talk to Joe on www.satriani.com

in terms of being a vox fan, i`m a fan of what Joe and Vox have done with this line, got the satchurator 1st and was blown away with that, so inevitably the other two are logical progressions from that, and equally produce outstanding sound quality.

how is the time machine....it`s a tardis (watch dr who) of delay lol, loving it so far but i`ve only had it since 11am GMT today i`ll post a full review later in the week, when i`ve given it a proper test.

cheers for the replys thus far
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HNPD.........I've never tried the TM but I did Get some Killer Lead Tones Outta the Sacthurator. Congratz
Playing on some new gear....review to follow