Hi everyone, new member here. I have a question to throw out to all of you in hopes of some objective feedback.

My 10 year old son has been playing guitar for about a year now. I picked up the guitar again, after about a 25 year rest, when he started playing in order to help him out. We are having a bit of fun jamming together. I do believe in having good equipment in all things I do as it makes your time playing/practicing more enjoyable.

Anyways, lately I have been on a bit of an amp kick, trying to find a nice amp for him and me to play with. Altough he is not playing with others at this time, I can see that happening in a few years as he gets closer to high school and meets more people that play instruments. The current amps we have are a Marshall G80RCD (80W) and a smaller Traynor Reverb Mate 30 (30W). I have been looking a the Line 6 Spider 4 75W to maybe replace the Marshall or getting something to replace the Traynor.
I have read reviews on both the Marshall 80 and the Line 6 and both seem to generate alot of negative press. What do you guys thinks? What is a good choice here? Any other options in the price range of the Line 6? The thing he needs most is an amp that will give him a good sound with minimal input....not to many choices or real easy to set up if there are choices. We both like classic rock as well as newer material the like of Green Day, Billy Tallent, Nickleback and such.


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Well I'm not really satisfied with either the Marshall G80 or the Line 6 (although I was pleasantly surprised by the Spider IV). I'd suggest the Peavey Vypyr but what's your budget?.
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I have a LINE6 Spider III 212. It's a nice amp, but I use other amps more.
I would suggest considering a smaller "no frills" amp and an FX pedal - maybe a DigiTech. That will give you more versatility as well as carry-ability for jamming away from home!
My grandson (13) uses some of my amps. He likes the smaller "clean" amp with his Digitech RP-150.
Enjoy your "hangging out" together time!
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Budget is around the 350 mark. What about he VOX lineup...VT30?

The Vox Valvetronix line are pretty good for the price. Their modeling amps, so they put out a great variety of sounds.

However I recommend the Peavey Vypr line. Especially the 75w model, if your son wants to gig in years to come. That thing is ungodly loud and will keep your son and yourself entertained with all of the onboard effects. It really beats the crap out of the Spider and personally, it sounds a whole lot better too.

Also if you can, visit your local music store to look at lower wattage tube amps. Specifically Fender amps. A Super Champ XD is a 15w all tube 1x10 combo and you can't beat its organic tube sound for $299.

Maybe if you can save up a little more, check into the Fender Blues Junior. A great sounding amp and its very reliable. You could through a pedal infront of it and probably get all the sounds you want out of it.

See if you can try some out to see if you're satisfied.
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I'd say that with the money it's difficult to find a high-quality amp with band practice volume levels... but, for the money, the Line6 Spider IV is not a terrible amp. The Peavey Vypyr series is worth checking out, too. I had a Vox Vt100 up until a week ago, and I was not pleased with it at all, it couldn't do the metal tones I wanted, good for rock and blues and progressive, though.

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If you're wanting something simple and good for practice, get a Fender Super Champ XD. The Vypyrs take about a half hour of working with them to begin to 'get it' (namely, begin to understand how to change models, effects, ETC) I think it's worth it to invest the time, though.
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The Super Champ XD looks interesting.

With it being a tube amp, is the 15W 'loud' enough to play with oters with? I have heard that tube amps are significantly louder that their SS counterparts. I have heard something like 1 tube watt = 5 SS watts. Is this a fair comparison


No, it's not a fair comparison, but 15 watts is loud enough to play in a jam setting, and quiet enough to keep under control at home. You're not going to be able to crank it in your bedroom (I think it's hard to crank pretty much any amp in one's bedroom) but why would you want to?
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What the hell is a G&L.

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Gay & Lesbian I think, the box smelled funny
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