hey everybody...
at first i wish you all a mery christmas, and i want to apollogize for my bad english... i'm coming from germany...

my main question is:
are there any good programms for making tabs? i've been searching for a while but i didn'T find anything that is good...
so do you you know a software for this??
greetings dani
Hey there and greetings from germany

www.guitar-pro.com , but this programme is NO freeware. There's just a trial you can use for some days which is very limiting.

There's another programme called "Power Tab". Search it with google (or forestle, I'd recommend that www.forestle.de).
This software is freeware but has not as many features as guitar pro.

Have fun!

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both of these are great programs (guitar pro/power tab) if you are really into music and dedicated to writing, its worth paying the money for one of these programs. its not that expensive and totally worth it. i bought guitar pro years ago and im very happy that i did.

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Quote by whysky
i can get you guitar pro for free ;D

so this seems not to be legal, but... i want it for free...