so i was playing guitar 4 4 hours straight yeaterday. then i went to guitar center and played there for a few. i came home and played some more. i woke up today and my fingertips are feeling like hot like burning and it hurts like hell when i go to play guitar any advice on how to get this to go away so i can play?
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shit i dont wana rest but can i like ice it or anything to make it go down a bit?

You either let your fingers heal or you risk permanent injury by not resting when your body tells you to, the choice is yours to make.
When i read your post i thought it said "I played 44 hours straight."
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Rest is what your fingertips need, but what you can do is rub rubbing alcohol on your fingertips twice or three times a day (not right before playing, you don't want it on your strings/fretboard) what this does is dries out your fingertips and helps form callouses
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If you really want to play, you could always do some picking exercises without using the fretting hand?
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