Hey guys, whilst playing through my line 6 practice bass amp just now I have noticed that I get a feeling very similar to that of licking a 9v battery through my arm (that sort of tingly shock feeling) when I touch my macbook's aluminium body and only then.

This is whilst using my Fender vintage 57' strat through it (to save me getting out a second amp just to run through a few things) and I've noticed that the guitar will get noticeably noisier through my other amp aswell when I'm touching the body of the laptop with my hands on the guitar, so is this 'shock' a cause of the guitar not being grounded properly or the amp?

Just to clarify I can't feel anything through my hands or fingers, it's just the more sensitive underside of my arm
Your guitar needs to be properly grounded.
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If you touch your strings, then touch something metal you will get that buzzy feeling through ya.
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