hello there, i need to create a PDF file for a poem i am submitting for publication, and i really have means to buy the program. i know its kind of stupid to ask, but i really dont see myself ever needing this again, so i dont think it'd be a good idea to buy the program, sooooo
i guess what im asking is, does anyone have the means to create a PDF file for me?
Quote by NinjaSlayHuman
That seems odd, that they asked for a PDF. You sure that's right?

Otherwise, what he said ^^

It's not odd. PDF is well-supported and nowadays it's an open spec. Contrast with doc / docx which is a nightmare, even if it is open.
ok, i downloaded something and i got a PDF file created, but now the site says:
PDF Attachment
(Submissions only) must be an image file.

what now?!?!?!?