Im just wondering whether they can be powered with alternative AC adapters? I know in the manual it says "Only use the boss adapter" but for all I know that could be bullshit and their way of forcing extra business to stop people using their own 9v adapters

So if anyone knows id appreciate it
yeah, you dont have to use the BOSS adapter. as long as its a 9v adapter that fits you can use it
Just make sure its 9V.

My buddy got sold an adapter and was told it would work. He plugged it in and the pedal literally exploded.
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Cheers. I didnt want to pay that ridiculous £25 asking price for a bloody BOSS branded power adapter when I could get a normal 9v one for a 1/3 of that price
You can get a normal 9VDC one, but I think the Boss is regulated so it'd be better than your bog standard daisy chain dealio.
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