Ok so heres the deal,

I have an ibanez rg5ex1 with a completely blocked up tremolo. I play in D standard and drop C mostly and use 10-52 strings. Over the past few months i have been having some problems with the intonation being off, so i decided to adjust it. I understand how to adjust the intonation but ran into a problem. On the first and second strings, i adjusted the intonation as far as it would go, but it was still not right. In fact, on the first string the note is almost a full half step higher at the 24th fret. Strangely, i only have this problem on the first string and a little bit on the second string, alll the other strings are fine. It would be great if someone could explain to me how i can overcome this without taking it to a tech
your never going to have perfect intonation between the open, 12th and 24th. nature of the beast.

there are 2 solutions to this, the buzz feiten system and true temperment.

buzz feiten requires a small modification to the nut and can easily be applied to any guitar (i have on my jem- its great)

true temperment requirers having a new neck custom built with weird looking frets and is going to cost more than the guitar.

buzz feiten... http://www.buzzfeiten.com/

true temperment ...... http://www.truetemperament.com/site/index.php

true temperment is the better solution of the 2...just can`t justify the cost........steve vai uses it now
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i mean i dont really care about the intonation being perfect, i just want the guitar to sound alright...when i tune the 1st string to D on the 12th fret, the 24th fret is D# and the open note is Db...i just want to fix this problem without having to buy anything new...i didnt used to have this problem with my guitar it seems as if it got worse over time
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ok thank you all for the advice, i will go buy new strings today and update this thread when i put them on, just one last question...you dont think it could be because of the size of stings do you?
ok i had it backwards, when the 12th fret is tuned to D, the open note is sharp and the 24th fret is flat.

I am using a generic chromatic tuner which has both a microphone and a guitar imput. Both ways of tuning are giving me the same results which are as follows,

When the open note is tuned to D,

the 3rd fret is just a hair flat of F

The 6th fret is only a bit more flat of G# than the 3rd of F

the 9th fret reads about a 1/8th step flat of B

the 12th fret reads about a 1/4 step flat of D

the 15th fret reads a bit flat of E

the 18th fret reads about 1/8th step flat of G

the 21st fret reads in between a 1/8th step and a 1/4 step flat of B

the 24th fret reads almost a 1/4 step flat of C#

hope this helps

edit: this is my tuner http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/4554/bc850.jpg
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i dont think you understand my problem...i understand how intonation is adjusted and i also understand that mine is really messed up. I adjusted the saddle as far forward as possible but that was still not enough to fix this drastic problem, i did not adjust it the opposite way
hey great news!

I changed the strings and now everything is fine! Apparently i just had a faulty string haha thanks again for all you all's help
I'd also invest in a graph-tech nut if you have not already, every set of
strings are a little different but should not need a big adjustment

What brand of strings were you using?
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