So i want to start doing covers soon, but i'm confused on how to actually start playing with songs

Do most people just start sitting down and playing along with little bits than graduly work their way up?

Atm i'm just sitting iwth guitar pro and playing simple stuff like symphony of destruction and taping my foot along with it to know when i should play etc

Anyone have any tips or suggestions on what also would help?
fire up the hi fi stick in a cd and play along, or if your amp has the cd socket plug the hi fi into that or use backing tracks.

get yourself along to some jam nights or form a band, you will improve alot more than sitting in your bedroom........and you`ll realise what your timing is like playing with a real drummer and bassist
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Play with people, not tracks. You can feed off of what they are doing and vice versa. go with the riff, one at a time, then string them together and put a solo somewhere if you please. The solos and the riffs don't have to be exactly the same otherwise there is none of you in it.
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