I can never get them to the pitch I want them! I can do them fine, but it's always off what I need. Do I have to just memorize where to hit the string for the pitch I want!? Please, any help.
Basically yes, learn how harmonic nodes work.
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any1 got any advice for double pinch harmonics? i know i come across on a diagonal.
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Looked it up on Wikipedia, but I don't understand it at all

Well I'll try to explain it a bit. Basically when you play are harmonic, you are just dividing the string into smaller pieces. You do this by creating nodes, which are basically just parts of the string that aren't ringing. Instead, the string is ringing between nodes the the nut and bridge. So a natural harmonic at the 12th fret divides the string in half and creates a node at the 12th fret. If you play a NH at the 7th fret, you are creating 2 nodes: one at the 7th fret and another at the 19th. That's because the string is divided into 3 pieces. From the nut to the 7th fret, and then that distance again (which takes you to the 19th fret.

With pinch harmonics, it's basically the same thing, but your finger on the fret acts as the nut. I hope that helps a bit.

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any1 got any advice for double pinch harmonics? i know i come across on a diagonal.

You already have a thread about this started. Don't hijack this one. GTFO.
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