I'm looking for a "good" overdrive pedal to use with my Marshall DSL50 amp, I'm thinking of pedals similar to the Maxon SD-9 and that type of thing... MXR Distortion III maybe...
I currently have a Marshall Guv'nor 2 which is a really good little pedal for the money, and even better seeing as i picked it up broken for £8 and fixed it But I'd sell it to put some money towards a better quality pedal...

I'm going to get a TC Electronic Nova Modulator pedal soon, so my setup will look like this:

Ibanez RG3120/PRS SE Singlecut -> Behringer Tuner Pedal -> [Distortion pedal] -> Modified Crybaby Wah -> marshall DSL50 [Zilla 2x12 cab with Vintage 30 & G12-H]

And in the fx loop im gonna be running the Nova Modulator and a Line 6 Echo Park Delay...

I basically want a couple of pedals similar to the SD-9 and Distortion III that i can look into, preferably around the £75 mark... (second hand the SD-9 would be around that)

Thanks alottt!

Tubescreamer. Fulltone OCD if you extend your budget by a bit.
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yeah i was thinking fulltone ocd or maybe maxon ts-9 or one of the other ibanez's...

i'll have a look on youtube at some demo's
what do you play? what kind of sound do you want? an OCD and TS sound completely different.