Anyone ever bought a guitar off ebay? Theres a guitar I really want off Ebay, and I'm pretty sure its trustworthy. My mom is really skeptical on it though. I just wanna hear peoples thoughts and experiences on this.
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if it's a legit trustworthy seller then it's fine. Danger is buying from sketchy sellers.
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like others have said just make sure te seller has aa high feedback score. dont be afraid to ask a lot of questions either
i bought a Epiphone Les Paul off ebay, needed new strings and the action needed adjusting but other than that it was perfectly fine. Make sure the seller is reliable, ask for the serial number and make sure they have decent pictures up
Twice, and both were great. My Ibanez and my SG came from the web, and both were exactly as described
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I got my first ever gutiar from Ebay, its rare to find HUGE problems with ebay, worst scenario, you get your money nicked or something. But Ebay ****s rule breakers up :P
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Ebay is completely fine, as long as you know what you are getting, e.g. they've backing up their 'mint' claim with decent photos, you cant really go wrong.

Pay with paypal and you are 100 % protected, if they dont send the guitar or its not as described you will get your money back.

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if you don't trust them, on the post, look to the right where it shows the person's user name and it'll show their star pwer, and percent of positive feedback
just buy from users with high enough feedback and ull be fine. I buy stuff from there all the time and always worked great. The only time I wasnt satisfied was when I bought a used supercharger kit and it had some scratches that the seller didnt post but he found a replacement for me fast. So no complaints
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Ask if you can inspect it before buying,

Got my FX260 that way, great buy. dude even threw in free hard case and some strings. all for $700 AUD + the locking tuners and pickup was already on it.
i've only had good experiences on ebay. just make sure you buy from a legitimate seller who will answer your questions and had some positive feedback already.
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unless the seller is a proper scammer who empties their paypal account the moment the payment comes in. then you're fucked.
Nope, paypal WILL refund you the money, the debt becomes the sellers, it is in pay pals terms and conditions some where

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I would look through Craigslist first to see if you get any local people but you might get jacked by a rapist so make sure to bring friends! But eBay is usually no hassle except if you're incredibly stupid

Golden Rules of eBay:
1. Don't pay with cash or direct money transfer ONLY USE PAYPAL
2. Read descriptions carefully and u won't get screwed (If you buy it and see that you misread it then too bad for you)
3. Like others above have said look at the seller reputation and ask lots of questions!
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Ive bought my bass off ebay, and it was the same as he described it. Make sure it has a high feedback score. I like craigslist more, but ebay is fien in my experience
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Yeah didn't have any problems. Guitar probably needs a good set up but otherwise no problems.
I bought a "used" Jackson DK2M with a hardshell case for $350. I got it and it looked brandnew, still had the new smel and had the stickers on the tuners.
Thanks everyone, I'll be showing my mom all these replies.
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Now that is an epic win right there!!!!

I made an epic win
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More than 10 guitars via ebay and it worked out good everytime. There's nothing to worry about if you know what to do.

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You can't be 100% trustworthy, especially if you're going to buy a brand such as Gibson. There's a high statistic, possibly 15% of Gibson's on eBay are copies.

If they're local, check out the guitar first. If you get sent a fake guitar you're pretty screwed, eBay can't do anything. But it's very rare that they will take your money and screw off though, so if it's something that obviously won't be counterfeit, i.e. an Epiphone or Ibanez (not the Prestige editions), you're safe.
How local is it?

Several non-guitar purchases I've made (portable DVD player, Xbox 360) have been close enough (about 3.5 hours) that instead of sending money electronically, I just met up with the guy, tested it, bought it. We just met in the parking lot at a Tim Horton's.

Is that a possibility?
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As long as the seller has good feedback scores (especially some of these stores that have thousands of feedback) you will generally not have a problem. Believe it or not, most people ARE honest people.
Just make sure the people have good feedback and ask questions about anything you are unsure about. You can find some great deals on ebay. I found a Peavey 6505+ 1x12 combo 2 weeks ago for $450 shipped. I received the amp a couple days later in the original box, with all the paperwork and a receipt from when he bought it at guitar center.
that where i just got my les paul the seller was realy good and gave me alot of information...
but i got the guitar and i had realy bad fret where so its in the shop right now geting a frett dressing... everything else was realy nice though
I bought a really cheap LP copy on eBay recently, It could have been shipped better (It was just shipped in a guitar case with grocery store paper bag cuttings in it, The strings weren't tuned down either and it was tuned up about two and a half steps with .10-.46s) But the guitar plays well enough for $82. So, The big rule is: Ask any questions you may have before bidding/buying. And make sure to ask about the strings being detuned for shipping.
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So far I have not had a problem on Ebay since the day they started it. There are a few rules I go by before bidding or buying.

Check the shipping price first! A lot of Ebay sellers will jack up the shipping in order to scam Ebay from fees and make it look like your getting a good deal on a guitar.

I always read the feed back I will not buy from anyone who has too much bad feedback or not much feedback.

Always use Pay Pal! I think now you have to use Pay Pal so if you do not already have a PP account you'll need to set one up. Pay Pal in not infallible but 99% of the time it will protect you if you get scammed or have a problem.