Hey everyone, this is a pretty noob question, but im new to pedals so here it goes: Yesterday i bought a blues driver and a hendrix wah, what order should i put everything in : Guitar, Wah, Blues Driver, Amp? or Guitar, Blues Driver, Wah, Amp? sorry for the noob question, but any help is appreciated
Most people prefer this order:

Guitar > Wah > Gain Based Effects > Modulation Based Effects >Time Based Effects > Amp

Gain based effects being Distortions/Overdrives & Tremlo pedals

Modulation being chorus, flangers, ect

and Time based effects being delays

So in your case: Guitar > wah > blues driver > amp

All that up there is just for future references

EDIT: and the reason most people prefer their wah before their OD/Distortion pedals is because it sounds more like a "quack" sound instead of a wah. Experiment though, see which you like better
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