Hey all! I finally got an amplifier worth coming here to brag about .

It is an almost new, relic'ed out tweed fender blues junior with the jensen speaker. This thing was almost made for my tele and it sounds divine when cranked. Loud as all hell for 15 watts, gets plenty of clean headroom and when it does overdrive it sounds just... indescribably good. I'm really excited as this is my first real amp (not counting the crummy traynor I had for a brief period) and it replaced a mg10 and a microcube lol.

Anyway if anyone is thinking about buying a blues junior, I'll tell you right now the jensen speaker is the only way to go.

pics or it's a fender frontman
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pics or it's a fender frontman

I partly agreed with this post and partly lol'd
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pics or it's a fender frontman

I shouldn't post when drunk..

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