I have my brand new pedal board set up running through a mxr dunlop dc brick and I have 2 9volt slots left to fill as well as empty room for two more pedals.

I play a fender strat american with lace sensors R/S/B through a fender 4X10 hot rod deville


ts9 tubescreamer >crybaby wah original > whammy pedal > boss tremolo > boss dd3 delay> mxr 90 phaser

is there any other pedals that anyone can think of that would come in handy?

oh by the way if anyone couldn't guess by the pedal set-up I like tom morello lol.
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Edit: Or a pog too.

Edit2: Or a signal splitter too...
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Envelope philter? Maybe one of those fuzz octave pedals that Buckethead uses sometimes. It sounds pretty sweet
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Skip the noise suppresor. I seriously doubt your setup needs it as I run my Strat with Lace Sensors->Modded GCB-95->TS808->DD-3->DeVille 410 for funk/jazz fusion gigs and I've got absolutely no noise at all.

I'd say get a pedal tuner for sure, probably a BOSS TU-2 if you want a buffer or a Korg Pitchblack if you want true bypass. I'd also say mod your CryBaby for true bypass. Before I modded mine the tone suck was ridiculous. For your other pedal, I'd say get a flanger. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, the old American made Ross units are pretty cheap and great. The Ibanez FL9 is pretty kick ass too and you can get them pretty cheap used. If you want to spend a bit more, my favorite flangers are the A/DA (no longer made), FoxRox TZF (no longer made) and Homebrew Frost Bite Flanger. The Ross is also up there on my favorite flangers and IMO, it's one of the best deals out there. I've seen them go for as low as $70.


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This thread is full of idiocy. A noise gate is unneccesary! His amp and tubescreamer isn't high enough gain to need one

A budget would be nice.

Otherwise: a korg Pitchblack

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Get a 535Q Crybaby and a JCM800 2205 (not a pedal) probably.
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