This only started like 2 days ago, but when my amp is in the clean channel I hear a faint hiss. I'm pretty sure no matter what amp clean should be pretty darn quiet. I tried with 3 different guitars, still the same hiss. You can barely hear it, but it annoys the piss out of me. I bought a new cable when I bought the amp (like 3 weeks ago), so it's not the cable. I'm going straight from guitar to the amp, so it's not any of my pedals. Like I said it just randomly started when I turned it on 2 days ago.
Does it have reverb ? If so, crank the reverb up & see if it ´s worse, could be a tube ready to go.
No it stays the same no matter what I change (besides the volume, hissing gets slightly louder). When I switch to standby the hissing goes away.
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