I've posted a lot on the Bugera Militia thread about the 333XL, but i'm still not too sure of their reliability, and touring capabilities... also i'd have to order online

I have about $800 dollars saved up and I need a good Lead guitar amp head that'll cut through the mix (for solos especially)

Most of the bands covers/ Genres i play are mainly Death-Thrash and Progressive Death Metal. So think Nevermore (Jeff loomis in general) Dream Theater, Opeth, Cynic, New Megadeth, Necrophagist, Obscura.. etc. etc.

My options are:
New Bugera 333XL

Peavey JSX (used on eBay)

Madison Divinity II (unknown company with some rumors of defects)

Peavey 6505+ (also used on eBay)

If anyone has any recommendations or advice, i'd appreciate it. It's driving me nuts
I'd say the 6505+. One hell of an amp and it certainly will cut through good.
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The only issue i have with the 6505+ is that i've heard they're more of a vintage metal tone. As far as Peavey's i was leaning towards the JSX, aren't they known for being better in general and having a modern metal tone?

Actually i've found used JSX cheaper that 6505+ as well
If you're into more modern stuff then I would probably go with the JSX.

6505 - Think Van Halen

JSX - Heavy/Modern voiced
-2008 Gibson Les Paul Studio Cherry Sunburst w/ Alnico Pro II
-Marshall JCM2000 DSL 401
-Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
-Blackstar HT-1 mini stack
So i guess i'm looking between:

A Used JSX Peavey (found on eBay for about 700)

A new Bugera 333XL (600)

or maybe even a used Mesa Trip/dual Rectifier (800-1000)

Can anyone else throw in their 2 cents about which would best suite my style/situation?
if you're getting a vintage metal tone out of a 6505+, you're doing it wrong, believe me i play death metal out of a 6505+, see if you can try some of them out, it's up to your preference
Well yeah i'm basically going by what's common knowledge of these amps right now, since i only have guitar center that has a terrible selection locally.

I'm thinking about the JSX the most right now... but does it have a metal tone thats better than the 6505+?

and i'm a lead guitarist, so the higher the gain, the better
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i personally don't like the ultra channel or w/e it's called on the jsx, but to be fair i do have limited experience with it, since i'm not in a position to play through one regularly anymore, the 6505+ is known as a high gain amp, and i really like the tone i get toward the high end from mine, but i don't primarily play leads, so my tastes are obviously different. i hear ya on the GC situation
Yeah it really sucks that guitar center is all Line 6 and Marshalls....

So does anyone have an opinion on the Peavey JSX or Bugera 333xL's lead tone?

I think i've reached the final verdict of getting the Peavey JSX used...

Anyone support or against?

I need some other opinions for sure