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I downloaded Kristal to my laptop. When I record it starts out fine but as it goes on the sounds fades away and it sounds like its underwater. What's my problem?

Thanks for the help.

Are you using a webcam mic? Does it get all sort of phasery sounding as well?

I had that proble, then I bought an SM57.

Problem disappeared.
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i had that before with audacity.i used a port on the other side of my laptop nd it went away

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This can be due to several things; first of all check if you did not get a virus while downloading something on your Laptop. this might be a virus that is not allowing your driver to work properly.
secondly see if you have installed the driver in question properly. if this is the case, there might be a configuration issue with the same sound card.

Which windows are you using? if you are using XP or Vista, there might be a compatibility problem with the audio driver.
Check before doing any changes...